If I get a voucher, can I live anywhere I want?

The AHA jurisdiction consists of Augusta-Richmond County, and there are restrictions on where you live with a voucher – for example, the landlord must agree to be part of the program, the lease must be approved, and the unit must be inspected to ensure that it meets Housing Quality Standards set by HUD.

But I know somebody who just got a Voucher – why did they get one?

Vouchers do become available when a client chooses to leave the program or is terminated for not following the rules and regulations. These vouchers are then issued to the person who is next on the waiting list.

Is the Housing Authority part of the City-County government?

No, the Augusta Housing Authority is a separate agency. Our one connection to the city government is that the Mayor selects the members of our Board of Commissioners.

When can I apply for housing assistance?

Notice will be published in the Augusta Chronicle when the waiting list(s) are open.  You can watch the Applying for Assistance page for announcements as well as our Facebook and Twitter.

How does the waiting list work?

The waiting list is maintained by the date and time a person applies. The size unit for which the family is eligible is based on family composition.

Am I eligible to apply for housing assistance?

The AHA accepts applications only from families whose head or spouse is at least 18 years of age or emancipated minors under State law.

How can I find out where my name is on the list?

You may contact the Housing Authority. However, the information that is provided changes constantly. There are approximately a 6 months to 5 years wait before your name reaches the top of the waiting list.

I applied for housing assistance a couple years ago, but now they say my name has been removed from the waiting list. How does that happen?

The AHA mails correspondence to the address on the initial application.  If the AHA cannot contact you, your name will be withdrawn from the waiting list. If you move, have a change in family composition or family income please come by AHA’s office and fill out an update form. If there is a period when …

What’s the difference between Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program and Public Housing?

Someone receiving Public Housing assistance must live in one of AHA’s communities or high-rises. Someone receiving a Section 8 voucher rents a privately owned unit, and gets help with their rent.