Section 8

Carbon Monoxide Detectors Mandate

In January 2022, the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Office of Public and Indian Housing (PIH) released PIH Notice 2022-01 requiring the use of carbon monoxide detectors in certain units receiving federal rental assistance. This notice is to inform all owners/managers/landlords that receive Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) that compliance is mandatory no later than …

HQS Extension Request

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Section 8 Availability

The following is a list of units in Richmond County that are available to Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher holders. These units are not pre-approved and any unit that you select will be required to pass an inspection. Please note that this list does not include every unit available to Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher …

Once I received a voucher can I move (port) to another jurisdiction?

Yes, portability applies to families moving out of or into the Augusta Housing Authority’s jurisdiction within the United States and its territories. A person who receives a voucher must maintain residence within AHA jurisdiction for a minimum of one year or provide proof of residence in our jurisdiction at the time of initial application in …

If I get a voucher, can I live anywhere I want?

The AHA jurisdiction consists of Augusta-Richmond County, and there are restrictions on where you live with a voucher – for example, the landlord must agree to be part of the program, the lease must be approved, and the unit must be inspected to ensure that it meets Housing Quality Standards set by HUD.

But I know somebody who just got a Voucher – why did they get one?

Vouchers do become available when a client chooses to leave the program or is terminated for not following the rules and regulations. These vouchers are then issued to the person who is next on the waiting list.